One more to go. Let’s try to put on a good show

« We didn’t know if we’d be able to do that this year, but somehow, cyclocross pulled it off. For that, we have many people to thank, but I think mostly UCI, race organizers, and Belgian Cycling.

I’m the first to say it when I don’t agree with the decisions made by the UCI, but I also have to thank them when it’s positive. I know that not everyone agrees that the racing went on, and all opinions are valid. But for having been here the whole time, and for having done all of these races, I can say they felt very safe. The main reasons why I’m thankful that the races went on is that not many sports kept going this year... truly, only big professional sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, Soccer, etc.) happened. Most « amateur/olympic » sports have not had full seasons.

It would have been MUCH easier to cancel the cross season (as a racer, it would also have been much easier to not isolate ourselves halfway across the globe for 4 months). But UCI felt like it was worth the HUGE effort they put in. As a racer, I personally think it was also worth the effort - for my personal sponsors & goals, but also to support our discipline. And for that, I’m really thankful.

I also believe this puts cycling/cyclocross in a position where it is a real professional sport (maybe not quite as big as NFL and others, but very much professional). Because of these efforts, we were able to compete, we were able to represent our sponsors, and I believe this can only be positive for the future of our sport. So thank you to all who have made this season possible - athletes, staff, UCI staff, race organizers, municipalities, media, sponsors, etc. - when all odds were stacked against us.

One more to go. Let’s stay safe, and let’s try to put on a good show »

Maghalie Rochette, Instagram, 28 janvier

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