James Piccoli
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Piccoli : the redemption

« Athletes are luckier than us, ordinary people. And no, we are not talking about their wages - but rather about the opportunity they get to redeem themselves so quickly. They mess up? Most probably, the next chance to erase that memory is just behind the corner.

Just two days ago, James Piccoli found himself in the hole, trying to figure out why he was so empty and lost in the long climb to the finish in the second stage. When he got to the mountain top at last, his GC hopes were all gone.

The Canadian is a quiet and reserved individual and rarely shows emotions. But he took his failure hard, and he was determined to show what he is made of today when stage 4 ended with a long climb again.

“ I was fortunate that all the staff and riders still had faith in me and my abilities and knew I could have a good stage today,” he revealed.

He came with a plan: Stick to the best contenders and attack them 3 Km to go.

And he did just that. SOLO.

“I had great Legs,” he recalled. “I was going good.”

He created a gap and was riding alone.

1 Km passed. And then another. Less then a km away, was still there.

” I was focusing on my effort and keeping the pace high,” he continued. ”I was thinking of redemption. I knew that behind they would have to work well to bring me back. “.

But the leaders were closing in. Four hundred meters to the go, when the finish line almost in sight - they reached him, headed by Jai Hindley from Team Sunweb, who would win and basically secure his tour’s victory. “Unfortunately, when I turned into the headwind, I was at a disadvantage being solo,” Piccoli later explained.

He had to settle with 8th place. No glory but a lot of self-satisfaction that this time he failed no one. Not his teammates, and surely not himself. “I am happy with that little redemption, “said the exhausted Canadian. “ I am still learning to find my place in the team, but the form is getting better, and the results will come.”

Last stage - tomorrow. Team goal: End the expected sprint finish with a win! »

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