Fundraising for GP Saguenay and Tour de Beauce

We have been working hard towards getting the invitation to start our two premier events in Quebec, Canada. Good news, the invitations have been received and we have full rosters set to participate for both events. This is perfectly aligned with exposing our development riders to the international stage.

This being said, these events require considerable budget. GP Saguenay charges 4000$ as a one time fee for lodging, food and race fees Tour de Beauce charges 6000$ for the same setup. We have asked if there are any ways to decrease the cost, but unfortunately not. We have the tremendous help of team owners Czeslaw and Lyall for these events and Lacasse has generously offered to help with logistics.

We have a funding gap as we speak to participate in the events of approx. five to seven thousand CAD$. We are reaching out in an effort to see if anyone knows somebody who would want to actively come on-board to make these projects a reality for the team? We can bring value by aggressively promoting the brand of the partner.

Veloselect Racing Team
Czeslaw Lukaszewicz

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