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We always have to try to keep pushing and conquer our limits

« Today for me was success and victory I will celebrate (at least for a couple hours). BECAUSE :

I wanted to post a little bit about mental health and anxiety because I think it’s a subject still very stigmatize but yet so common among us!

For me, anxiety comes up in many different ways. Sometimes I get paralyzed by it and start making hurtful decisions for myself. One of the triggers being the fear of not being good enough.

Like today’s workout for example! I’ve done these sets 1000 times, over and over again. But yet, since last night I’ve been feeling scared and sick to my stomach just thinking about the intervals and whether I would be able to get through it or not... What would my coach think of me, what if there are other people on the road that see how lame I am, etc.

I was so scared I took a photo of the road, and I chose a road I know nobody goes just so I could be safe from the shame... of?

Well... this is it, of nothing. Really what is the big deal if the workout doesn’t go well? Nothing. This was all just anxiety, driven by nothing really special, but it’s my reality. At times it really destroys my ability to be happy and to feel confident but in the past year, I must say I’ve made a lot of progress in not letting these fears hurt me.

One of the biggest trick for me was to learn how to come back into the moment. To focus on the now and to not think about the outcomes.

So today, I made sure I was present for each and every minutes of my workout, warm up, interval 1-2-3-4-5, cool down! Before I even knew it was all finish and went as a charm! Yes off course if was painful, it’s training, but this is why we race our bikes no?

I guess where I want to go with all this is that presence is what makes very normal dudes and gals accomplish incredible things! Because as they are performing their art (no matter what it is) they aren’t thinking about where it as to end! Actually, the show must not end! We always have to try to keep pushing and conquer our limits because we dont know what/where it will brings us to. »

Gabrielle Pilote

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