James Piccoli donates his bike to 12 year old boy

« I have a story. A couple of weeks ago Max’s bike was stolen. He had worked with his dad and saved up money for it, sold his other bike towards it and well...
I died a bit when the first thing he said through his tears was “why would someone do this to me”?
However he made a pretty smooth recovery and I posted a message on our private neighbourhood fb group about it
Turns out there are humans who are above and beyond and James Piccoli is one of them.
He offered to build Max a bike, and while being a world class cyclists helps, its who he is on the inside that is what’s most impressive.
It’s not even just some bike, it’s built using parts from James very first bike. It’s a magical bike, infused with the energy James holds in his resolve to work hard and “never give up”.
This resolve is what’s put James on a flight tonight with his bikes enroute to race in Europe and a bright future as one of Canada’s top cyclists in his category.
I can’t thank this human enough and Max and I will figure out a way to pay this forward, but I wanted to share this story in the spirit of a reminder that sometimes bad things have a way of turning into even better things.
Feeling terribly grateful, thought I’d share »

Gene Piccoli, père de James, YouTube, 14 octobre 2019

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