Israel Cycling Academy rewarded its Canadian "Warrior" Guillaume Boivin with contract extension

Tel-Aviv. September 6th - Less then 3 months ago, Guillaume Boivin, Israel Cycling Academy fierce Canadian, had all the reasons in the world to feel miserable. He just suffered the worst injury in his career and faced an operation and a long Rehab that basically finished his season. And to add insult - The Injury came in the worst of timing as he was negotiating a contract extension with the Israeli Team.

“ It was very stressful” admitted the 29 years old Montreal natives that spent the last three seasons with the team he calls family. “ But from the first moment - the team reassured me that they are behind me 100 percent and I should take care of myself and relax. “ No stress “ they said and they were true to their word”.

Fast forward 11 weeks to Today and the Canadian finds himself in a totally different situation: He is now officially signed to a new contract with ICA and he is ready to go - Making a surprising comeback tomorrow in his home turf - the World tour GP Quebec and then Sunday in the Gp Montreal - the place he calls home. “ I feel that the team showed its trust and faith in me” said Guillaume. “ Its what i call Loyalty . While this is what I expected it from my team - I still appreciate it dearly and hopefully I can now give them back”.

The Injury was indeed a serious one. “ The worst I have had” he said.

It happened June 15 in the Belgian Classic Elfstedenronde in Brugge - the last race before he was supposed to fly home for a well deserved break. He was coming back after taking a bathroom break on the side of the road. G was riding towards the peloton when the race caravan suddenly slowed. The Canadian collided with a car and was taken to hospital where X-rays confirmed the fracture to his tibial plateau.

Season over and maybe worse?

His team thought nothing of it.

“ We never doubted him and never thought of taking advantage of his situation after he got injured “ said the Team Pro manager Kjell Carlstrom. “ For 3 seasons we came to know who is G - a super strong rider who is 100 percent committed to the team“ .

The extension offer stayed on the table for G to take.

It clearly relieved the pressure, Said Boivin, but he still felt the stress : “ You never know how you comeback. How fast it will heel” he said. But the operation was successful and the rest was up to his work ethic and determination: “ I worked my ass off” he smiles.

A few weeks ago he signed the extension and now he is ready to go. “It was always my dream to comeback on time for those two great home races but I never really risked it” he said.

The team co owner, Canadian Israeli Sylvan Adams could not be happier: “ I am delighted that G is sufficiently recovered to race those two great home races. He has really worked hard to be here and while he may not have his top form I am confident that he will race well”.

Guillaume : “ I am very happy to come back with ICA . Its really exciting to see the team growing every year . Now I am looking forward to reach some new sights with ICA.”

As for the race he said: “I could not ask for a better place to come back than my hometown races in QC and MTL. I very proud that I was able to recover from my tibial plateau fracture in time for those races. I’m feeling healthy and ready to help the team in the 2 races. I have about 1 month of training in the legs but I made the most of every day to be competitive here in Canada. “

Adams: “GPCQM are two important end of season World Tour races, the only WT races in North America. They also take place in my former home (I was born in, and grew up in Quebec City, and lived most of my life in Montreal, prior to moving to Tel Aviv). We have two Canadian racers, Ben Perry and local Quebec hero, Guillaume Boivin (in addition to me, as a Canadian owner). So I am particularly proud that ICA will be participating in these two great races for the second consecutive year in front of our many, many Canadian fans. For ICA, this is practically a home race. We were very active in both races last year, with Ben winning the GPM in Quebec, and Tyler Williams present in the day’s main breakaway in Montreal. This year we’ll be looking to scoring a podium result, if things go well.”

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