Learning in Hasselt and Mol

by Maghalie Rochette

We came back on Friday afternoon from Spain, with our legs full of miles and our bellies full of paella. We packed our bags (again!), and Saturday morning, we were off to the races. Spoiler alert, I didn’t race that well this weekend. Saturday’s race can be resumed very briefly: Horrendous start for absolutely no reason because I was on the front row, followed by more crashes and more mistakes in that one race than I have had in all the races of the season combined. I ended up 9th and not very happy.

But I learned some lessons that day…I already knew I had to be aggressive, but I sometimes failed to do it. It’s something to say you want to be aggressive, but actually channeling that energy and really be aggressive is something else.

In real life, I’m a pretty friendly person. I want to be friends everyone. I want to be friends with Sanne Cant, and Loes Sels and all those other girls I’m racing against. That’s how I am. But that is a bit of a problem when you are trying to “go to war” against these girls…wanting to be friends with them, I adopt a “be nice” attitude. I respect them too much because I want to be accepted by them. This weekend, I realized this is not a viable way to perform in Europe. The reality is that they don’t care about me and they don’t want to be my friend, so I need to act the same way. It is not like racing in North America, where everyone is nice to each other, and I need to adjust.

Even if I don’t truly think that way, I need to adopt a “F**k them all” attitude if I want to have the guts to be aggressive enough and take my place in these races. That was my main takeaway of the weekend, and my main goal for the next day’s race.

Zlivermeercross, Mol
On Sunday, we raced in Mol, on the same course as the Master’s World Championships. The course had a lot of sand but was much more fun and much more ride-able than Koksijde (in my opinion).

I reached my goal and had a great start, being very aggressive. Everything was going well, until about 3 minutes in, when I entered a sand section and abruptly found myself eating sand, after flipping over my bars. I must have hit a rut in the sand when my weight wasn’t properly positioned. That was it for my moment of glory! But I kept fighting, caught back some places and lap after lap, figured out how to ride the sand a little bit better. In the end, I was 8th. Not amazing, but I had a good time and learnt some things.

The highlight of the weekend was having dinner in Mol with the crew from Feedback Sports. They were sponsoring the event and offering neutral support for everyone (a nice neutral warm up area and tune up of the bikes). On top of that, Doug, the founder of Feedback Sports, as well as Will, who is a mechanical engineer at the company, were racing the Masters World Championships. Katie, who takes care of the marketing, was there as support crew, general spreader of happiness, and even did some announcing. It really felt refreshing to spend quality time with all of them and get to know them a little bit better!

We shared a mountain of tiny fries, as well as many laughs, and at that moment, I found myself thinking, “life is pretty good”!

…Never mind I’ll just run!
photo : Balint Hamvas


Recipe: Travelling breakfast
This week, I’m sharing a little recipe for your early morning travel days. Airport food sometimes suck, and having your own lunch is always nice. It may take a 10min extra effort the night before your travel, but I promise you’ll be happy when you’ll see other people eating a crappy muffin in a bag at the airport and you’ll have your great breakfast.

Overnight oatmeal: (if you say you don’t like oatmeal, this is different, please give it a try.) Also, I’m improvising the quantities every time, so no quantities here...

-1/2 cup of oats
- spoonful of cinnamon
- handful of dried fruits
- handful of seeds (pumpkinseeds, sunfloower seeds, or even some nuts if you want!)

Mix it real good.

- slices of bananas, and other chopped uup fruits that you like
- a few spoonfuls of yogurt
**if you use plain yogurt like I do, I like adding a spoon of maple syrup.
- milk and/or water to cover the whole mmixture (I sometimes do half milk and half water. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that there is enough liquid to cover the mixture)

Put it in the fridge overnight and don’t forget to pick it up on your way to the airport!!

Voilà! You’re done.

** Sometimes I change it up and just mix yogurt and fruits in the container, then I bring granola in a separate container and mix it on the spot when I want to eat it. Equally as delicious and even more simple!

I like to us this reusable container for many reasons: it saves plastic, it is collapsable so once I’m done eating I can shove it in my bag and it doesn’t take much room. Final benefit of this container? I have a reusable bowl everywhere I go during the remainder of the trip!

Bon appétit ans safe travels!

photo : Maghalie Rochette


Behind the CXFever/TSH kit: Getting to know the designers
I love knowing how things are made. I really admire artists and I love to ask them questions to get a peek into their creative minds. In this interview, I asked questions to my friends Alexis Cartier and Luke Batten, who created the CXFever kit that I get to wear everyday!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into these 2 artists minds!

Click here for the article

photo : Maghalie Rochette


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