« This is why I am no longer shooting
photos at the Mardis cyclistes »

Lu sur facebook ce 15 juillet :

Many people are inquiring about my suspended coverage of Les Mardis cyclistes races; I feel the need at this point to share the following.

I've been shooting and providing thousands of images of Les Mardis cyclistes to various media since 2006. These images have appeared here and on/in Pedal Magazine as well as on the Veloptimum web sites. My images have also been used repeatedly by the organization itself in various ways and continue to be used in their in-house promotional booklet aimed at attracting new sponsors.

Unfortunately, the organizers have not always understood that photos are the copyright of the photographer, somehow assuming instead they were the property of the event. This led to repeated unauthorized reproductions of my work, creating frictions which have turned to animosity.

By 2015, despite many years of hard work to help promote the series, it was made quite clear that I was no longer welcome at the Mardis races. While 2014 saw an athlete under a doping ban being welcomed to speak at the Mardis cyclistes, I am an outcast.

The Mardis organization also decided in 2015 to no longer issue English press releases. This decision seems bizarre given that many fans are Anglophones and the Mardis cyclistes tries to promote itself as event drawing international attention (see “visibilité et rayonnement à travers le monde” in the attached letter).

Because there are no more English press releases, various English language media (Canadian Cyclist, Canadian Cycling, Pedal Magazine) which used to follow the Mardis cyclistes races now no longer cover the series. Since I work for one of these media outlets, my services as a photographer were no longer required at the Mardis.

Furthermore, the Mardis organizers asked the borough of Lachine to send me this letter (attached) threatening legal action unless I shut down Mardis cyclistes fans' Facebook page. I am doing nothing wrong according to either Facebook or Quebec law; this letter amounts to intimidation.

Et voilà, to answer the many inquiries, this is why I am no longer shooting photos at the Mardis cyclistes.

Pasquale Stalteri

Commentaire du webmestre :
Très dommage car Pasquale, en plus d’être un chic type, est un excellent photographe.
En 2015, depuis que Pasquale n’y est plus, combien avez-vous vu de bonnes photos de fin de course des Mardis cyclistes de Lachine ?

Le commentaire de Pasquale a été endossé sur facebook par d’autres excellents photographes, dont Benoit Fortier, Michel Guillemette et Justin Knotzke.

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