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Edmonton, 10 octobre 2009

Simon Lambert Lemay, habitué à courir par tous
les temps en Belgique, a affronté la neige en cuissard
photo : Rob Jones, The Canadian Cyclist

Hommes, moins de 23 ans
1- Evan Guthrie, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, 49m 53
2- Simon Lambert Lemay, Ride with Rendall, 50m 17
3- Brian Robinson, CMC/Bow Cycle, 50m 23
4- David Larson, Pedalhead Roadworks, 50m 43
5- Jared Stafford, Bikesports Racing, 50m 56
il y avait 14 participants

Simon Lambert Lemay, Evan Guthrie et Brian Robinson
photo : Rob Jones, The Canadian Cyclist

« Conditions could not have been more different from last year, when competitors were treated to sun and temperatures approaching 10 degrees Celcius. This year, by contrast, saw temperatures in the -4 to -6 C range, gusty winds that knocked off at least another 3 to 4 degrees and a snow covered track that turned icy in spots as more and more riders rode over it. Oh, and intermittent snow squalls just to added to the fun.

Geoff Kabush said just after finishing: "I think my eyeballs are frozen."

Simon Lambert-Lemay inspired awe among spectators by riding in shorts, and became "the bare leg guy" to announcer Matt Decore.

Both Lambert-Lemay and Larson were crashing or having to run the numerous steep, switchbacks, while Guthrie was able to keep riding. Roadie Lambert-Lemay, who Guthrie considered his greatest threat, clearly had the power, and kept riding back up after each gap, but considered inexperience his greatest weakness.

"This is only my fourth 'cross race, so I'm still learning a lot," he explained. "I crashed early in the first lap and then I was more nervous and crashed more."

Lambert-Lemay did manage an impressive second, ahead of Brian Robinson. »
The Canadian Cyclist

Hommes, Élites
1- Geoff Kabush, Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain, 55m 21
2- Derrick St John, Garneau Club Chaussures, 55m 50
3- Aaron Schooler, Team H&R Block - Kona, 55m 57
28- Marc Lapointe, EMD Serono Specialized, à un tour
il y avait 35 participants
Les photos de Rob Jones de The Canadian Cyclist

1- Alison Sydor, Maxxis Rocky Mountain, 43m 38
2- Pepper Harlton, Juventus, 44m 27
3- Natasha Elliott, Garneau Club Chaussures, 44m 48
il y avait 18 participantes
Les photos de Rob Jones de The Canadian Cyclist

Hommes, Juniors
1- Kris Dahl, CMC/Bow Cycle, 42m 22
2- Conor Obrien, Specialized-EMD Serono, 42m 29
3- Kiernan Orange, Ride with Rendall, 42m 33

Tous les résultats

Oups ! C´est glissant !
photo : Rob Jones, The Canadian Cyclist

Plus que glissant, de constater Simon Lambert Lemay
photo : Rob Jones, The Canadian Cyclist

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