Le Grand Prix Raphaël Levy
Bellefeuille, 2 mai 2004

De g. à dr. Martin Gilbert, Alexandre Cloutier, Dominique Perras, Alexandre Lavallée et Charles Dionne
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Seniors 1-2, 82,55 km
1- Dominique Perras, Ofoto, 1h 59m 14
2- Alexandre Lavallée, Volkswagen-Trek, même temps
3- Alexandre Cloutier, Volkswagen-Trek, 1h 59m 27
4- Martin Gilbert, Volkswagen-Trek, même temps
5- Charles Dionne, Webcor, même temps
6- Mathieu Toulouse, Gears, 1h 59m 29
8- Alexandre Nadeau, Volkswagen-Trek, 2h 00m 43
12- Kevin Lacombe, Volkswagen-Trek, 2h 01m 55
15- John Malois, CIBC-Wood Gundy, même temps
18- François Sztuke, Espoirs de Laval, même temps
37- Jean-Sébastien Maheu, Volkswagen-Trek, 2h 02m 05
44- Czeslaw Lukaszewicz, Opus, 2h 02m 32

Le podium junior masculin.
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Junior masculin, 60,5 km
1- David Veilleux
2- Éric Boily
3- Boocock Brooke
4- Clovis Auger
5- Charly Vives

Julie Bélanger, Michèle D’Amour et Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme, 4e.
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Senior féminin, 49,5 km
1- Michèle D’Amour
2- Julie Bélanger
3- Marie-Hélène Côté

Le podium junior féminin.
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Junior féminin, 44 km
1- Mylène Laliberté
2- Gabrielle Ostiguy
3- Évelyne Pichette

Tous les résultats.

D'autres photos.

I raced in Quebec on the weekend and was impressed by the number of young people, boys and girls, that were out racing.

There were events right down to 7 and 8 years old, with close to a dozen kids in the girls 1 km ride alone.

Most kids belonged to clubs and looked like they were really having a ball.

The event was well organized with lots of spectators despite the horrible weather.

If this race was any indication of the Quebec scene, they will have some serious juniors to watch out for in a few years.

I was impressed!

• • • • •

It IS encouraging to see kids out racing. I was there, and it's always refreshing to attend a race in Quebec for that and other reasons (e.g. the course is in a populated area with spectators, banners, PA announcer, podium, music etc., instead of out on a deserted farm road with one picnic table for the timing, and a lonely portapotty - if you're lucky).

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