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US Cup - Vail Lake
Temecula, Californie, 13 et 15 mars 2020

Dimanche 15 mars
cross country
US Cup XCO that is scheduled to take place today was finally postponed this morning.

Sho-Air Cycling Group
15 mars, 16:00
Dear racers, teams and industry,
As many of you are aware, we will be postponing all events to at least April 5th as mandated by cycling’s governing body USA Cycling.
We apologize for the very last-minute termination of today’s race at Vail Lake
and we ask that everyone respect and support this decision.
Due to the complexity and nature of the issue, we do not have any future dates to announce.
Over the coming weeks, we want to gather factual information from all of the entities involved so we can make proper decisions on when and if the US Cup and other events on our race calendar can be re scheduled.
We appreciate everyone’s patience and support in this matter.
In the meantime, keep the wheels rolling, practice good hygiene and support your friends, neighbors and family in these uncertain times.

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- Les membres de l’Équipe du Québec présents en Californie ce dimanche reviendront en sol québécois mardi, FQSC
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Vendredi 13 mars
Short Track
1- Christopher Blevins, Specialized, 26m 09
2- Jose Gerardo Lilloa Arevalo, même temps
3- Sebastian Carstensen, CST Postnl Bafanf, 26m 12
7- Raphaël Auclair, Pivot Cycles OTE, 26m 22
12- Léandre Bouchard, Pivot Cycles OTE, 26m 31
28- Victor Verreault, 27m 19
33- Marc-André Fortier, 27m 36
35- William Côté, Équipe du Québec, 27m 42
39- Charles-Antoine St-Onge, Équipe du Québec Dalbix Siboire, 27m 55
41- Félix Belhumeur, Pivot Cycles OTE, 28m 03
49- Philippe St-Laurent, Pivot Cycles OTE
58- Vincent Thiboutot, Pivot Cycles OTE
il y avait 76 concurrents
Tous les résultats

1- Kate Courtney, Scott Sram, 26m 15
2- Chloe Woodruff, Stans Pivot, 26m 17
3- Sofia Gomez Villafane, Clif, 26m 19
18- Cindy Montambault, Équipe du Québec, 27m 54
20- Mariane Théberge, Pivot Cycles OTE
21- Roxanne Vermette, Équipe du Québec
25- Juliette Tétreault, Équipe du Québec
32- Laurence Levesque, Équipe du Québec
34- Mireille Larose-Gingras, Vélo Cartel
il y avait 38 concurrentes
Tous les résultats

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Un article d’avant course : L´équipe du Québec de vélo de montagne entame sa saison 2020, FQSC, 12 mars

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