15th Gooikse Pijl
Belgique, 23 septembre 2018 (1.1)

Résultats, 198.1 km
1- Jordi Meeus, SEG Racing Academy, 4h 32m 04
2- Amund Grondahl Jansen, Team LottoNL-Jumbo, même temps
3- Martin Mortensen , Riwal CeramicSpeed, même temps
4- Guillaume Boivin, Israel Cycling Academy, même temps
97 des 163 partants ont complété l´épreuve
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« This was the Guillaume Boivin show all the way. The Canadian who just returned to racing two weeks ago after his Broken leg injury - showed how much we missed his power.

From km 75 to the finish he was leading a breakaway that changed its members 3 times - mostly because of G’s constant attacks. "I tried to attack many times because the bunch was coming back and no one really wanted to commit" he said.

In the finish, only G and 4 other riders were left standing but the Canadian was able to salvage "only" 4th place. " I wasn’t strong enough to drop everyone and was a bit gassed in the sprint" he explained.

But he could not hide his delight (and so are we all) with his great comeback. "It’s already a small victory just to be able to preform like this after that injury" he said.

Right on. Let’s build on it, guys! »

Israel Cycling Academy, sur facebook

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