Umag Trophy 2016
Croatie, 2 mars 2016 (1.2)

Résultats, 154 km
1- Jonas Bokeloh, Klein Constantia, 3h 21m 02
2- Mamyr Stash, Gazprom-RusVelo, même temps
3- Filippo Fortin, GM Europa Ovini, même temps
7- Guillaume Boivin, Cycling Academy, même temps
172 des 192 partants ont complété l´épreuve
Tous les résultats

« 500 meters to the finish of the Trofej Umag race in Croatia, it looked really really promising for us. You see, we had our best sprinter, the daring Canadian Guillaume Boivin in front, 153.5 km of crazy high pace (45.9 kmh) were gone and Guillaume was led magnificently by his teammates. " The boys put me in a prime position " he said proudly. It was beyond that: Our riders took upon themselves minutes before to chase down the day’s strong breakaway. Thanks to them, this race came to a close with a bunch sprint, and our Canadian was determined to reward "the boys" efforts with a win. But as you can guess, we didn’t get our happy ending.

Guillaume in his own words: " It turned out to be a bit hectic finale. I found myself in the lead with 500m to go. That being to early 7-8 riders passed me. I jumped on their wheel and started to sprint with 300m since I tought I was too far back at this point. I was sitting in 2nd still going strong until an other rider waved hard and really almost crashed me in the last 50m. That cost me a podium for sure. But at least the signals are good and the team is coming together really well and we are looking forward to be key players in the coming races." »

Cycling Academy Team

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