Championnats québécois du critérium
Sainte-Agathe 31 juillet 2011

Jordan Brochu, Miguel Agreda Rojas et Rémi Pelletier-Roy
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Hommes seniors 53 mm
1- Miguel Agreda Rojas, Garneau-Club Chaussures, 1h 13m 25
2- Jordan Brochu, Rocky Mountain-Desjardins, 1h 14m 47
3- Rémi Pelletier-Roy, Garneau-Club Chaussures, même temps
14- Jean-François Racine, Garneau-Club Chaussures, même temps
il y avait 25 participants

Lambert Gatineau, Félix CôtéBouvette et Émile Jean
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Hommes juniors 36 mm
1- Félix CôtéBouvette, Prud ´Homme-IGA, 57m 17
2- Lambert Gatineau, Spidertech/Powerwatts, même temps
3- Émile Jean, Spidertech/Powerwatts, même temps
il y avait 18 participants

Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski, Élisabeth Albert et Caroline Brunet
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Femmes seniors 35 mm
1- Élisabeth Albert, Rocky Mountain-Desjardins, 58m 13
2- Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski, Juvéderm-Specialized, même temps
3- Caroline Brunet, Garneau-Club Chaussures, même temps
il y avait 10 participantes

Tennessee Mayer, Audrey Bernard et Janie Rioux-Coulombe
photo : Antoine Bécotte

Femmes juniors 35 mm
1- Audrey Bernard, Spidertech/Powerwatts, 58m 14
2- Tennessee Mayer, Espoirs Quilicot, même temps
3- Janie Rioux-Coulombe, Atrium - CC2R, même temps
il y avait 8 participantes

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Les photos de Pasquale Stalteri

Question de Pasquale Stalteri sur facebook : Is it fair allowing a rider with no right to classify ( Note du webmestre : Brett Tivers, de Garneau Club Chaussures) the right to shape the race and pull a team-mate to victory in a provincial championship ?
I personally don't feel that any rider who can't figure in the official results should even be allowed to race since he will inevitably change the course of history and I believe that Sunday's race was a prime example of this.

Commentaire de Luc Hamel : There is a way to win, there is a way to earn respect. Looks like some don't care about the 2nd part. This isn't world championships ya know.

Réaction de Pasquale Stalteri : This isn't the World Championships but I still feel it's unfair to the athletes who train hard all year round for this event to have an elite outsider be allowed to race in order to help one of his team mates win. It would be like David Veilleux (Canadian Crit Champion) being pulled around the course by his Europcar team mate Thomas Voeckler ...

Réaction de Luc Hamel : I agree 100%, but the riders, all adults, should have enough "class" not to play this kind of game. In my book, you should win fair and square, by being the fittest, or smartest, or a combination of both.

Réaction de J. F. Houpert : My question is why didn't the LG team send up a Quebec rider to pull Miguel ? I would guess because they could afford to sacrifice Brett since he wasn't eligible. And I don't think that's cool. If Brett had just ran the race and not participated in the break or lead out it would have been fine.

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