19 mars 2018
I can confidently say I will never EVER return to the trails, even for a gentle walk.
All details are now final and surgery is set for Tuesday April 3rd, so in exactly 2 weeks from today. Turns out that I will get two procedures done:
(1) Removing all the loose bodies at the top of the ankle
(2) Reattaching my ATFL and CFL

I will be off work for the entire month of April and will be in a cast for 6 weeks. Can return to driving after 10 weeks... meaning mid-June. The surgeon said my ankle will be back at 95% once Iím recovered.

Laurent St-Aubin : Uneducated question: why is 95% not enough to get back to the tracks?

Elise : yes, 95% is good enough. But total, recovering from my accident will take 13 months long. There is NO WAY I'm getting through this ever again, so better to avoid the trails going forward.

Nadja Marie : How did you exactly hurt yourself?

Back in September, I was running in the trails and completely fell. For the first time in my life, I couldn't make it back to my car, I knew it was a serious injury. I will eventually be able to return to running but I'll stick to the flat boring roads!