24 janvier
Good news of the day: I have my iron back. Still on the low side but at least I have some, which is a small step in the right direction.
Bad news of the day: I need to stick to the gluten free diet... I'll never drink a good beer ever again

2 septembre
So I decided to start all over from scratch! New clinic, new sport doctor, new physio and new treatment. I figured there is only one way to figure out how effective it is. Did on purpose to wear that t-shirt hoping for a positive psychological effect.
By teaming up with Ted Hewitt, we did 22.6km, my longest run ever since I found out I lost my piriformis. Not a victory yet but it is one step in the right direction.
Best part of that testing process is the amount of food I can eat after 22.6km combined with an hour of Crossfit

30 septembre
I had ambitious plans for the weekend: long trail run, Crossfit, swimming, shopping, cooking and cleaning. I am forced to cancel all that and watch that ankle getting bigger and bigger by the hour :(
On a more positive note, I fully enjoyed having a fast running buddy this morning. When I fell and heard "CRACK" in my ankle, he was fast to run back to the car and come and get me! Thanks Ted Hewitt, I would have been pretty miserable out there without your help.

Elise s'est foulé la cheville droite en courant dans les sentiers dans la région de Burlington le 30 septembre.
La radiographie prise ensuite illustre que une ancienne fracture, selon l'orthopédiste consulté le 10 octobre.
Ce qui fait que le 8 octobre, quand Elise est venue chez Stéphanie et a demandé à être conduite au WallMart pour acheter du tape athlétique
pour bander sa cheville quand elle nage, Ariane a eu une idée lumineuse pour soulager tante Elise pendant son magasinage !
photo de gauche : radiographie annotée par Dr Marie Pigeyre, endocrinologue, qui y voit une entorse sévère ; photo de droite par Ariane

1er octobre
Part of my new therapy for my hip is to swim. So I decided to tape up the ankle real tight, put on the swimming suit and for the first time in 15 years, I swam laps!
Back in my lifeguard days, I could swim 5k without much effort. Today, without kicking with the right leg, the shoulders called it a day after 2.5km. Next: air bike and rowing.... I hate it

2 octobre
I got x-rays and I have a fracture. The radiologist however can't say if it is a recent or chronic fracture. My file is now being transferred to a fracture clinic and they will decide on the appropriate treatment.
I'm leaving for Dominican Republic in 2 weeks. Can't help myself than laughing about this.... A cast with a bikini... how SEXY!!!

3 octobre
Small victory of the day: I now have my cast! Stabilizing the ankle definitely helps with the pain.
Seeing the surgeon next Tuesday... a week is a long time to wait but at least it is before my departure for my trip. I want to know for how long I'll be stuck with that cast

10 octobre
Interesting twist of event: the surgeon confirmed the fracture of the Medial Malleolus (lower right, there is a piece of bone that got detached from the main bone, looks like it is now floating around). He said that fracture happened years ago and if we take the same x-Ray one year from now, it will look exactly the same. The bone will be forever detached.
He is taking me off the cast, said to suck up the pain and wished me a good trip to Dominican Republic.
Oh well... no piriformis on the left side, a forever broken right ankle... now I’m thinking never returning to my running shoes and sign up to a swim club! I guess I’ll have a head start next week in the pool and the ocean

Philadelphie, 18 juillet

22 octobre
! When I found out my ankle has been broken for years, I asked my dad to look up that specific picture that was taken in Philadelphia in 2004 to find out which ankle I hurt back then (this is the famous museum where Rocky is climbing up the stairs at the end of the movie). Right side, it is the same one. I remember, I was running in the trails in Alaska and when I fell, my guide had to carry me back on her shoulders back to the car! I guess I'll never found out when I exactly broke my ankle, I fell SO MANY times while running. Seeing another doctor Wednesday, let's see if I'll find out more.

28 octobre
4 weeks anniversary today.
Coming back from Dominican Republic was a slap in the face. While spending all my days in the salt water, I really thought I was back on my feet. The minute I got back home, the ankle became huge and I was attacked by the pain. I saw another doctor this week and he is rushing me to an MRI... in Ontario, that means a one week wait. 1:45am appointment in Kitchener next Friday, what a lovely time!

10 novembre
Better smile when you are miserable, right? This picture was taken 1 week after my fall.
Tomorrow will be my 6th week anniversary and my ankle is still stuck at a 90 degree angle. That means 6 weeks without running, the longest I ever not ran since 2004.
I received today my MRI results. Not pretty. And the report is a bit misleading. Two doctors had a look at it and can’t confirm if surgery is needed or not. So on top of my old fracture in the inside, I have multiple tears on the outside and the top of the ankle. Some tears are partial, others are complete. These two doctors are mostly concerned with the top of the ankle explaining why I’m stuck at a 90 degree angle.
So the next step is to see an ankle surgeon and he will decide what is the best course of actions. But then... how long does it take to see an ankle surgeon?

13 novembre
Went for physio this morning and the therapist refused to treat me before I see the surgeon.
He was nice though: he spent lots of time explaining to me my MRI results. Out of the three ligaments on the outside of the ankle, two are completely ruptured. The only way to reattach them is through surgery. But the main concern is the tear I have on top of the ankle leaving me paralyzed at a 90 degree angle. I have loose bodies in the area and lots of inflammation. While I was there, I asked him to show me how to properly tape myself. I’m glad I asked, my taping was quite different!

17 novembre
What a week!
Monday: physio refused to treat me before having surgery and say I won’t walk normally for a year
Tuesday: fever started
Wednesday: dentist refused to treat me because my fever was too high Thursday: met another sport doctor for a second opinion. He says no one will agree to perform surgery on me unless I have physio (!). Which is completely the opposite of what I was told Monday. I was obviously confused and frustrated.
Friday: fever is over and I met a MAGICIAN!!! She got my ankle moving again!!! I might only have one ligament left on the outside of the ankle but apparently, it is super strong! She said I have excellent balance given two ligaments are completely ruptured. So surgery might not be needed. The best is... she says she can get me back to running by Christmas! Well... I highly doubt it is possible, but at least it gives me hope
It definitely put a sunshine in my day and it might be the light at the end of the tunnel. So here you go, here is a video of my ankle moving for the FIRST time in 7 weeks!!!!

30 novembre
Another fun discussion today with the sport doctor:
Doctor: “Give yourself a few weeks and then you can go back to trail running. Stay away from any racket sports, basketball, soccer or any sport on an uneven surface with rocks and branches.”
Me: “So no uneven surface with rocks and branches but I can go back to trail running?”
Doctor: “... BIG silence...”
Oh boy....

26 décembre
Back in my racing days, I was usually hitting the wall at Mile 80. Now I hit the wall at 25 minutes! My two nephews actually outlast me today