juin - décembre 2016

3 juin
Small victory of the day: slow 5km jog completed!
Now time for some very boring cores exercises to fix my right lower back, left hip, left ass, right quad, right knee and left calf. In other words, everything below my belly button.

18 juin
Having no race on the calendar is FUN! It gives me time to explore the trails in my new neighbourhood! Today, I ran the Bruce from Guelph line to Waterdown and back, loved it :)
It actually gave me a great idea for a cool training run. I want to run the Bruce from Guelph line to Chedokee and finish with a stair workout. Ted Hewitt, Pascal Becotte and Dion Russell.... Are you game to join me???

26 juin
Despite killing my legs Friday with the hero WOD Manion (2.8k run & 203 back squats), those legs were able to keep up for 40km on the Bruce yesterday! I'm certainly not ready to wear a bib again, but it was good to be in my running shoes.

2 juillet
No shit, running 50k in the summer is a lot easier with aid stations!
Ran this one self-supported and ran out of water at 40km. I am seriously dreaming of an all you can eat sushi and I want to drink the soya sauce directly from the bottle!!!!

22 juilet
I ran 10k yesterday night and this morning and holy crap it was hot and sticky!!!
It actually crossed my mind to compete at DG24 tomorrow but with all the house drama I had to deal with lately, I didn't sign up.
Well.... I'm damn happy I didn't sign up for 24hrs of heat torture!!!!

23 juillet
Made it to the trails and realized I forgot my running vest... Why would a runner want water when it is only 37C, right? I really felt like a smart ass... What a waste of time to go back home to pick it up.
Was able to run 24k with a nice little nap after 10 miles, ha ha! Every little workout in this heat is an achievement.
Thinking hard of my friends competing at DG24 this weekend

30 juillet
Trail running is never boring. I totally got attacked by mosquitos today, I was scratching my quad from start to finish. And almost at the end of my run, I saw the biggest snake I ever seen in Ontario. I screamed so loud (I'm sure Byron Guptill heard me from Kitchener), that my abs started cramping!

21 août
Officially retired from ultra running and done with racing but still fully enjoy going out for a quick run on a beautiful summer day

7 octobre
"The piriformis is a small stabilizing muscle that lies deep within the buttocks and plays a critical role in the running motion. It helps to externally rotate the hip, stabilize the pelvis, and keep the hips level while running."
While many of my friends are getting ready to run Bromont 100, Oil Creek 100 and Grindstone 100 this weekend, I received my MRI results today.
I no longer have a left piriformis. Totally disappeared. Gone from my body. Not sure at this point what it means... Can a muscle ever grow back??? The next step is to work with a physiatrist, let's see...
Good luck to all my friends attempting a 100 this weekend, I miss it

25 octobre
The sport physiatrist said: "You will never be able to run to the level you used to run". I no longer have a left piriformis, it is gone and I just need to live with it.
From now on, I need to go to Toronto once a week to receive special treatments.
All this is a bit hard to digest

14 novembre
Like every morning since last year, I got up this morning with a lot of pain in my butt and reduced mobility in my left hip. Made my way to Toronto at 5:45am complaining how cold and dark it was.
Well, I got my first treatment. Within 5 minutes, the excruciating pain in my butt got reduced by 50% and immediately got most of my mobility back!
No kidding, I was crying. It was such a pain relief! So hopefully the progression will continue, but at least for today, I can move my hip, can do a step up and can even do a pistol squat!!!!

29 novembre
Question for my athlete friends.
Just received my blood test results today and the iron in my blood was undetectable. In other words, I don't have any. Given I only eat meat/veggies & beans, I feel they swap the results!
So is the same story ever happened to someone, weird test results from training too much?