Sixth annual Born To Run
Ultra Marathon Extravaganza 2016
East Creek Ranch, Los Olivos, California
11-15 mai 2016

B2R update: got hurt at mile 50, pushed it to mile 130 and I’m now officially out of the race. I’m cancelling all my races this year to allow my legs to get strong again.
Maybe I’ll run OC to save my Western tickets, let’s see in October how I feel.

BIG THANKS to Manley Klassen & Mara Slais Klassen for doing such an amazing job with the 4 days/200M runners and to Neil Barnsdale for pacing and babysitting me.

The Born to Run party is about to begin and this year…I am attending instead of running !

« I think I was beginning to scream and jump away in this picture. Elise said she saw all of the scary creatures with me. Good times!
Thanks for helping me past those bulls. I still say that black one that squared up to us wanted to charge us! »
- Jennifer Lee Dicus on facebook

C'est la première année que Born to run organisait un événement Four Day dont le départ avait lieu le 11 mai à midi alors que ceux s’attaquant aux 200 milles
démarraient le 12 mai à 6h00 AM. 9 hommes et 6 femmes ont pris le départ du Four Day. Le meilleur a parcouru 250 milles, le 2e a tenu pendant 220 milles
et la meilleure femme a parcouru 200 milles. Elise a terminé 2e des 6 femmes.