That's 800 miles in 7 months, including a 200 and 3 Hardrock qualifiers. I had 3 A races and everything else was just bonus.

I'm proud of B2R, Bighorn, AC & IMTUF. Not so proud of SF & OC... I wasn't on top of my nutrition and I know I can do better, but at least I've learned something and hopefully won't make the same mistakes again. And Ozark.... Oh well, falling can happen to everyone.

Every buckle is unique and has its own story. I will cherish all of them and embrace all the physical scars I got over the last few months !

I didn't do this alone. I have received so much help from my running family, I am so amazed by how generous people are in this community. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate.


December 1

For the 6th time in 3 weeks, my furnace died and a technician came over.
When he came in, he said: "Holy crap! That is a lot of running shoes! How many kids do you have?"
Me: "Euh.… I live on my own"
He nearly got a heart attack when he saw my basement… où se trouve le reste de ma collection de souliers de course !