Salt Flats 100 mile Endurance Run
Utah, USA
24-25 avril 2015

My "training" run at Salt Flats 100 turned into a wild adventure!

Miles 38-48 were flooded, it was a combination of wet sand and mud, I was sinking down at each step. It was a real leg burner!

Then miles 50-61 were in a crazy wind tunnel, I was literally moving backward. I was going for the female course record and was on track for it. Turned out I got medical problems and the doctor pulled me out at mile 80. I spent 3 hours in a tent!

Needless to say I lost the lead and the record was out of reach. I got back on my feet and slowly made it to the finishing line, ranking second, (in 26h 18m 01), only 10 minutes behind the first female ... That hurts! But taking the break was the wise thing to do. Hopefully this medical issue is a one time deal and will not happen again.

But this is actually what I like about running 100 miles. You never know what will happen! And when bad things happen, you need to deal with it, get back on your feet and keep moving forward.

Here is a picture with the RD Vince, super nice guy.

Recevant sa boucle de ceinture de finissant du directeur de la course Vince Romney

Salt Flats 100 is a great race with outstanding scenery! But the weather is so harsh...

Great people, nice experience, I have no regrets !

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