Oil Creek 100 milles
Pennsylvanie 10-11 octobre 2015

Third time’s a charm, right? Absolutely NOT! This year was my worse at Oil Creek.

Perfect weather, beautiful fall colours, I ran strong for the first 100km and was on track to beat my 25:17 from last year. And then… I started having vertigo at mile 75.

My head was spinning, I was seeing white spots and my tummy was huge. Three runners found me laying down in the bushes at mile 78. I think I got them worried because the volunteers at mile 80 were impatiently waiting for me! The paramedic pulled me out for a while. I eventually left the aid station, but the head was still spinning and I couldn’t run strong anymore.

So I basically walked the last 20 miles and crossed the finishing line with a time I’m not really proud of.

I know I can do better. Big thanks to Jocelyn Briggs for being so nice to me and to Jeff Nelson for hiking the last 7 miles with me.

Jeff Nelson purposely did not bring running clothes with him because he didn’t want to pace.
When he found out I was in trouble, he put on his running shoes and hiked the last 7 miles with me.
A real friend. Here is a picture of us a few meters away from the finishing line.

This is buckle #6 for me this year. I have 4 weeks to figure out what I did wrong during the race and see how I can avoid the vertigo going forward before the next adventure.

Comment from facebook friend Gary Black : « Glad you’re ok. Buckles are nice, but OK is better »

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