Ozark Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run
Missouri, 7 et 8 novembre 2015

I'm only allowed to eat McDonalds after running 100 miles !

Ozark 100 really turned into a nightmare for me. Beautiful course, perfect weather, but the trail is technical and covered with leaves. We just can’t see the roots and the rocks that are coming up. I fell 5 times. The second time was at Mile 18. Not sure how I fell, but I pulled something in my left butt/leg. My left leg went numb, had to stop for a few minutes and was holding a tree to stand up. Kept going and BAM! Fell again at mile 20 and my left tibia hit a rock. It immediately got swollen and discoloured. I was so discouraged! I sat right on the trail and started crying. Really? A 24hr road trip to Missouri to get defeated after 20 miles? How am I going to tell my crew we drove that far for a DNF that early in the game? It was hurting so bad...

The Ozark100 trail was completely covered with leaves. I teamed up with Tim Vickers on and off from Mile 10to 40.
At first, he didn’t know my name… I was just the "Pink Lady". I really have no idea why he was calling me this way !

I just couldn't do it. Let my friend down and live with the shame of a DNF at mile 20. So I sucked it up, accepted the fact that it will be a painful ugly finish and got back on my feet. I really had to cut the course into pieces to keep me going.

Step 1, get to mile 40 to get my poles. Other runners commented on the fact that my left side looked funny. Teamed up with a Scottish runner (I did not understand a word of what he was saying, but it is just a detail, right?) and he took me to mile 40.

At Mile 40 with Jeff Nelson

The plan was for The Legend to pace from 94-100. I didn't ask, I simply told him he would pace from 78-100. He gave me my poles and I took off.

Next step was mile 65 where I would see my crew again. I slept so much lately, I had no problem getting through the 13hr night. Learned my lesson at OC and this time, I was on top of my nutrition and had no vertigo. Made it to 65, took a nice long break to refuel.

All was left to do was to make it to 78 on my own. Despite the pain, looks like I made some good time. I arrived to mile 78 45 minutes earlier than expected! My crew was not ready, ha ha! It cracked me up.

Given my left leg was off, my right side was compensating and over the miles my back right knee got really stiffed. Picked up my pacer at Mile 78 and when the sun was up, my legs were really done. It was a very long way to the finish, but as usual, my pacer did an excellent job at taking me to the finishing line.

It was an ugly finish. I like to finish my races strong, and I was pretty weak when I finished this one. I know I will pay for pushing it for so long in the pain. My left side is still really painful and I can't extend my right knee. Needless to say I am so sexy when I walk now.

It is now time for me to quit running for a while and take lots of time off to recover.

Alone, I would have DNF for sure. The only reason I kept going is because Jeff Nelson was there with me. Thank you Jeff.

70 coureurs et coureuses ont pris le départ. 53 ont complété l’épreuve. Elise a terminé en 32e place, mais 4e femme, et ce en marchant 60 milles !
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Pulled a muscle in my left butt, have a huge bruise on my tibia and damaged a tendon in my right knee.
I have never physically suffered that much to cross a finishing line. I will wear this buckle with pride.
So for a last time this year, dress down Friday
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