Laura Secord Memorial 100km
Niagara Falls, Ontario
July 4, 2015

My legs were hurting so bad today at the Laura Secord Memorial 100km. I guess I am still totally beat up (have no idea why...).

Even though the day was beautiful and was the female leader, I decided to do the right thing and called it a day after 50km. I still have many big races coming up, it is better to rest and get ready for my next wild adventure.

I went there with my friend Berker who was aiming for his first ultra finish with the 50k. Turned out he got completely lost and ran 60k instead of 50k. His comment to me was priceless: "Elise, in your face! I ran longer than you!" Ha ha !

Even though my running weekend didn't turn out so well, I must tell I am a lucky runner. From the second I complain about pain in my legs or my feet, I get lots of support from my running buddies who are offering their time and tips to help. This week, I ran 117km which (looking back) was way too much // too fast after Bighorn. If I want to make it to the next race, I need to chill !