4th Annual Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival 100
McCall, Idaho, 19-20 septembre 2015

September 21 :
Had a rough night and was ready to dnf a "2nd" time in a row. I really had to kick myself in the butt real hard to keep going, miles 42-52 were deadly. Then decided to turn the number "2nd" into something more positive.

I'll post more details once I'm back home.

2nd female overall. 79 starters.

September 22 :

I just introduced them... It was love at first sight! The course switches direction every year. The first time you finish, you receive a belt. To get the buckle, you need to run the course twice! After finishing 3rd female last year in 31:19, I went back to Idaho this year to do better. My goals were:
1) Get the buckle
2) Beat my time
3) Rank top females, even though the crowd was bigger.

The course had to be modified a bit this year to avoid the wildfires. Everything was going well up to the point I hit mile 43, a 10 miles lollipop that was new this year. It was so brutal! Rocky, crazy steep and endless. It took me 4h15 to get it done.

49.2% grade !!!! That is the crazy lollipop we had to deal with. It will give me nightmares for weeks, no jokes.

After that, it was a straight downhill. It was so cold (part of the course was covered in snow), I was all alone, wasn't feeling well and was very negative. Arrived at mile 80 in tears. I wanted to quit so bad! Chasing those 3 goals really stressed me out and I was discouraged.

Mile 35. Part of the course was covered in snow when it was 28C in Kitchener.
photo : Howie Stern

I really had to slap myself in the face. It was a new day and I decided to delete miles 0-80 from my head. I drastically changed my attitude and started running on fresh legs. Run with your heart, not with the watch! And I took off.

No one could keep up with me in those last 20 miles, I was running strong. I wanted to fully enjoy my last mountain race of the year regardless the ending result. I think I passed 12 runners, the guys were not really happy to see me flying like this, ha ha! Had no idea about my time. Crossed the finishing line in 30:52 and ranked 2nd female. All goals were achieved !

With Jeremy, race director.
photo : Jeremy Brandi Bolli Humphrey

Big thanks to Elise Robocker for letting me crash in her camper, it helped me so much with the logistic. Thanks to Howie Stern for freezing his ass off to take pictures of us on the course and helping me out at night. Thanks to Mariah Crump for helping at mile 67 when I was at my lowest point. And finally, even though they are the two worse evil people in the world for adding that damn lollipop to the course, huge thanks and kudos to Jeremy & Brandi Bolli Humphrey. They did an amazing job with the event and really worked super hard to make it happen despite the wildfires.

I ran tons of 100 milers. This one is my all time favourite!

IMTUF100 is all about taking a goat selfie at Mile 75!!!!! The people at that aid station were so great. Located totally at the top of a mountain after a brutal climb, they use the goats to bring the food up. They had by far the BEST soup on the course

On facebook, September 23

79 coureurs ont pris le départ, 57 ont terminé, dont 11 femmes
La première femme termine 22e
Elise termine deuxième chez les femmes (24e) en 30h 52m 01
Ceci constitue la 4e meilleure performance par une femme dans l’histoire de la course.

L’an dernier elle avait gagné la ceinture (en terminant 3e femme, en 31h 19m 05, ce qui devient la 6e meilleure performance par une femme dans l’histoire de la course); cette année elle y ajoute la boucle de ceinture !
Elise est la seule femme a avoir son nom deux fois dans la liste des dix meilleurs temps de l’histoire de la course qui en était à sa 4e édition.

Tous les résultats

Le site Internet officiel de la course

On facebook, September 28, by Elise :

So I just registered to a little run and had to answer a few questions:

(1) How many ultras have you completed within the time limit?

(2) How many 100s have you completed within the time limit?


They are not even asking how many 200 I completed. COME ON!!!!!

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