Fifth annual Born To Run
Ultra Marathon Extravaganza 2015
200 Mile
East Creek Ranch, Los Olivos, California
14-17 mai 2015

Elise Maguire
photo by Joel Livesey

B2R 200 was an incredible experience! I'm really glad I picked this event for my first 200, it was just perfect.

I was expecting an easy 20 miles loop with a few ups and downs.... I was just so wrong! The first half was the pink loop and she was my friend. I could make some good time from mile 0 to 6. But the second half was the yellow loop and that one quickly earned the lovely nickname "The Bitch". We were going up and down non stop with this killer steep descent at mile 17.

I got my 150 in 48hrs, I was quite happy with that. But that killer descent eventually got to my knees and my legs literally died at 165. After that point, it was power hiking all the way to the end.

I was starting my third night in the dark at 186, keep moving forward was difficult. At mile 190, another female runner (Andi) and I decided to team up for our last loop. She got a 12hrs head start on me, meaning she was actually getting through her fourth night. Teaming up with her was the best! We were hurting so bad but we really pushed each other to the end. We crossed the finishing line holding hands.

We were 15 runners stupid enough to attempt the 200, 11 made it to the end. The female success rate was 100% (whohoo!).

My final time was 67:43 ranking 3rd female, 6th overall.

I was told 200 under 72hrs is damned good. Given how hilly the course was, I'm very happy with my time.

Few fun running facts: I used 5 pairs of running shoes and I got ZERO blisters. I slept three times during the race: mile 72 (3hrs), mile 128 (4hrs) and mile 168 (1hr).

Also... I didn't do this alone, it was a team effort. HUGE thanks to my crew/pacers Berker Bilgin and Joel Livesey who each paced me for 50 & 60 miles.

I also made a new friend, Neil Barnsdale, who helped setting up my camping gear and paced me for 10 miles. Thanks to Puerto Mauricio for lending me all the equipment I needed for this event.

The award of the coolest female volunteer on the course goes to LeAnn Zunich for babysitting me loop after loop. She was seriously a real mom... I arrived at her aid station at 180 in tears, I couldn't stop crying. She took care of me and I kept going.

And finally, thanks to Luis Escobar for setting up such an awesome event! He really wanted us to be successful and did his best to make it happen. This is a picture with him at the end of the event. The SoCal running community is simply fabulous, I really had a great time.

After running 200 miles, there is no way I was going to walk
from the baggage claim to my car at the Toronto airport !
photo by Berker Bilgin

Le départ de l'ultramarathon de 200 milles était donné à 6h00 le matin du jeudi 14 mai 2015. Les 15 participants, 11 hommes et 4 femmes, avaient 78 heures pour parcourir la distance, soit jusqu'à midi le dimanche 17 mai.

Onze concurrents ont complété l'épreuve dans les délais.

Elise s'est classée 6e, troisième femme, en 67h 43m 23.

Elise s'est arrêtée au mille 72 et a dormi 3 heures, au mille 128 elle a dormi 4 heures et au mille 168 elle a dormi une heure.

Photo prise à l'arrivée vers 1h44 dimanche matin avec la boucle de ceinture
remise aux athlètes qui complètent la course dans le délai imposé de 78 heures.
photo affichée sur facebook par Jean Ho

Taking my pre-race hydration really seriously in Los Olivos !
photo par Berker Bilgin, affichée sur facebook par Elise le 13 mai

50e mille
photo affichée sur facebook par Mara Slais Klassen

Elise, en compagnie de son pacer Berker Bilgin, 16 mai AM
photo affichée sur facebook par Mara Slais Klassen

Elise en compagnie d’Oswaldo Lopez (le gagnant du 100 milles)
photo : Joel Livesey

Dress down Friday, 200 miles special edition!
Comment from facebook friend Rich Morris : Awesome! Another excuse to show of the flat stomach !
photo affichée par Elise sur facebook le 22 mai

Elise Maguire
Crossfit Kitchener

Another amazing running testimonial from Elise

Hey guys - thought I would share the good news. I just got back from California from a 200 miles race. The longest I ever ran in the past was 103 miles and really had no idea if I could pull it off. Also, given the winter we had, I didn’t run much in Jan/Feb and really only got back in my running shoes in March, leaving me not much time to build back up my mileage. I knew it would be a huge disadvantage against all the local runners who don’t need to deal with the winter.

I live in Canada, it is just what it is. I tried to maintain my fitness with cross-country skiing, rock climbing, a bit of treadmill and tried to hit the box as many times as I could. While I was watching the Opens, all the athletes kept saying "that WOD will hurt so bad". And while watching it all over again, I came to the conclusion that running 200 miles will hurt like hell. I did my best to keep a perfect diet and every time we were squatting hard, I made sure I ran 8 miles the following morning. Running on sore legs is an excellent training.

So I flew to California perfectly knowing 200 miles would be totally a different experience. I decided to embrace the challenge and the pain. I slept three times during the race: mile 72 (3hrs), mile 128 (4hrs) and mile 168 (1hr). I ran solid for 165miles and then my legs totally died on me, especially my knees. So I power hiked to the finish. I won’t lie, it was hurting like hell and cried more than once, but I got it done.

I crossed the finishing line in 67hrs43min. A good benchmark in running on a flat road is 200 miles in sub 72hrs, so I was really happy with my time given I was running on hilly trails! 15 runners, I ranked 6th overall, 3rd female.

Now that I’ve been running for a while, lots of runners are asking me what my trick is. Everyone is always amazed by how little I run during a training week (I run max 100km, which is nothing). Actually, a lot of runners are upset about it! I have started Crossfit and Ultra Running at the same time and Crossfit has always paid off for me.

So I am taking a few days off now… but given Crossfit helps me so much at competing at that level, I’ll be back soon at 6pm.