Bighorn Mountain Wild
Dayton, Wyoming, 19-20 juin 2015

photo published on facebook by Elise Maguire

Oh boy, what a race! Five weeks after running 200 miles, my legs were still trashed and I was really hesitating to run Bighorn 100. But the trip was paid off, so why not trying, right?

So I gave it a shot... The course was really pretty, so I decided to take 31h30 to fully enjoy the scenery! Ha ha!

I really thought the challenge of the race was this endless 18 miles climb bringing us to 9000ft. So I kept telling myself, just make it to the top and then it will be easy after that. Ppppffff.... I was so wrong!

100M elevation profile

It was a mudfest up there. I usually never have blisters on my feet, but the mud totally destroyed them. Then I thought going up for 18 miles will be a challenge???? Hell no, what was hard was to run down non stop for 18 miles!!! My quads never been so destroyed. I got so beat up, that was enough to take me to the finishing line. There is no way I would come back to this course for redemption, I had to get it done on my first time. So despite the fact that I had no legs at all, I pushed through it.

It was a great experience, but this was a one time deal, I will never go back. I am just not a mud runner. And the worse is that this year was the driest ever, giving us the best running conditions. If those were the best conditions, I don't want to experience a "normal" year.

Big thanks to Michael Turano for taking care of my drop bags and Sharon Zelinski for lending me her poles (it literally saved my race), helping out and being the DD for the trip.

And the great thing about running 100 miles.... is that, it is *only* 100 mile !

Post traumatic stress Bighorn therapy…
photo published on facebook by Elise on June 22

Il y avait 331 participants à la course de 100 milles de la Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run, dont 66 femmes.
178 ont terminé, en un temps moyen de 28h 54m 36.
Il y avait 19 femmes du groupe d’âge d’Elise, 12 ont terminé.
Elise a terminé 10e de son groupe, 24e chez les femmes, 127e des 331 participants en 31h 30m 36.