Thoughts and comments about 2014

Bye bye running season 2014!!!! One 100 miler in May and the other 5 in the last 3 months, it was definitely an interesting challenge.

Many runners were asking me questions this year. Here are a few thoughts / comments on 2014:

1) Thanks to everyone who helped me one way or the other. From the simple hug on the trail when I was struggling to full crewing / pacing duties, I appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you.

2) I don't believe in high mileage. When I train, I run max 100 km a week combined with some crossfit, sauna training and yoga.

3) Diet is critical. I'm amazed by my recovery time and running 100 miles doesn't hurt anymore. Proteins, fruits, veggies, milk, Greek yogurt and rice. Also always remember red wine has a lot of antioxidants, which is essential for muscle recovery, so drinking a lot is very important.

4) A DNF is totally acceptable and when it happens, embrace it. A volunteer found my body at mile 90 at Old Dominion, my worse race ever. I've identified the mistakes I made and since then I've been running strong.

5) Never underestimate a course. JJ100 was my easiest and less technical trail this year... and it is the only race that I didn't fall once, but twice and got hurt! Every course has its own challenges, 100 miles is a long way to go.

6) Some runners are way too competitive out there! Running should be fun, that's all. If you are freakin obsessed with your performance, don't run.

7) Buckles and awards are great, friendships are more valuable.

Lastly, special thanks to Steven Parke and Jeff Nelson. Those two guys saw me at my worse this year and somehow they are not mad at me (well I think) and we are still talking.

After all those races this year, it is now time for me to go quiet for a while and recover. I'll come back stronger next year with new adventures!

En décembre 2014 le webmestre a signalé Elise l’article de Joanie Caron Caractéristiques des coureurs d’ultramarathon qui indique, suite à une analyse faite en 2012 auprès de 1345 coureurs d’ultramarathons, que le nombre moyen annuel de kilomètres courus était de 3347 km, (dont 42,4 % sur route et 49,5 % en sentiers).
Elise a parcouru 3743 km en 2014.