Old Dominion 100
Virginie, 7-8 juin 2014

I'm sure I can run 2 x 100 miler in 3 weeks but it just didn't happen this weekend.

Really had a rough day at Old Dominion 100! Only a few days after Cruel Jewel, my legs were completly dead at mile 30 : my muscles were no longer responding and I had no power at all.

The day was gorgeous and I didn't want to go down without a fight so I kept pushing. I suffured so badly! There was just so much I could take and at mile 90, I sat down on the road ready to collapse hoping someone would find me I was done.

I will need to go back one year on fresh legs to get the sub 24 buckle.

Thanks to Monica Scholz and David Alan Snipes for sharing tons of tips on the course. Congrats to Ken Niemimaa for kicking some butt out there. And huge thanks to the coolest crew/pacer who never gave up on me: Steven Parke.

Even though I got a DNF, the weekend was a lot of fun and we laugh a lot. We really experienced an awesome rattlesnake story at mile 82. Now is time to recover for a while (I'm not in good shape right now...) and after a well deserved break, let's get ready for the next battle !