Oil Creek 100 milles
Pennsylvanie, 11 et 12 octobre 2014

Ontario ranked 4th male and female at Oil Creek this weekend, it hurts a little...

Sorry everyone, I couldn't catch that third girl, she was really strong!

The goal for me this weekend was to complete my 5th 100 miler in 5 months. I got it done in 25h17, which turn out to be a PB for me! AND..... I CHICKED Steven Parke. That's priceless. That poor man will hear about it for at least the next 10 years !

With Steven. Steven's comment on facebook : « Glad you had an awesome race,
and I will happily take my teasing for as long as it lasts »

Big thanks to Jocelyn Briggs for helping out and thanks to Jeff Nelson and Veronique for the multiple hugs along the way. Racing at -2C was so cold, the hugs were much appreciated!

Commentaire de son ami facebook Fabrice Guillaume : « Congrats Elise! It was great seeing you out there. 5x100 milers in 5 months is crazy. Well done! »

Le 13 octobre à Toronto il restait encore assez de force à tante Elise pour montrer à Tristan
et à Ariane qu’elle pouvait non seulement courir mais aussi soulever le grand toxon !

… et même plus !