The Javelina Jundred
100 milles, Arizona - 1-2 novembre 2014

What a bizarre running weekend... I started the Javelina Jundred tired, I had no power in my legs, had a negative attitude and quickly realized it was just not my day, I guess it can happen to all of us.

At mile 76, I fell for the first time and trashed my right knee. At mile 82, I fell again but this time it was on the rocks resulting in a nasty first degree burn on my left butt. That fall really hurt. I got discouraged, that was it, I was done. I decided to walk back to the headquarter to DNF. I arrived to mile 92 in tears, everything was hurting.

I don't know what happened in my head... but when I saw the elapsed time was 21h10, I got back on my feet real quickly knowing the sub 24 buckle was still available.

As I was finishing the course, I thought sub 23 might be available if I push real hard. When I crossed the finishing line, I was told my chip time was 22:59:57. Here you go, sub 23 it is!

So everything went wrong, my ass hurts like hell (seriously, I can't sit!), but somehow I PR my time by more than 2 hours and my overall ranking is very reasonable. Out of 511 runners, I ranked 64th, 9th female.

Sur facebook le 3 novembre :

So on top of being sore from running 100 miles, i can't bend my right knee and can't sit on my left butt or wear pants... Needless to say that I was making quite an impression today walking in the airports. I was almost singing out loud "I'm sexy and I know it...". Finally made it back home and I'm trying to take care of that ass...

My training plan for the next 2 months is to stay in bed and watch TV!!!