Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival
100 milles, McCall, Idaho
20-21 septembre 2014

Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival 100 was a real kick ass mountain race!

It is a Hardrock qualifier, 36 hours cutoff, 103 miles with a crazy elevation profile, beautiful sceneries and awesome volunteers.

I just ran my best 100 miler so far (and this was #6), it was so much fun!

First Canadian to EVER finish the race!!! 3rd female, 13th overall, with a time of 31:19. 70 runners, 40 finishers, 14 females.

First time finishers receive a belt, second time finishers receive the buckle.

So I guess it means I need to go back next year and run the course in the opposite direction to get the full experience.

Yes, after getting through that killer elevation profile, I can proudly say I AM TOUGH!!!!

The two worse evil moments:

1) The climb at Mile 60. It was just NEVER ending. And it was SO steep! At times, I seriously had to use my hands to climb. When I'll run the course in the opposite direction next year, I'll just slide it on my butt. I better fat it up!

2) Putting that NASTY climb at Mile 90, that late in the game was simply cruel.

BUT... when you are that high, the views are amazing! I took me the entire night to run the mountains from Mile 58 to 80, I look forward to run it during the day next year .

Le site Internet officiel de la course

Les résultats : ici et .