Eastern States 100
Waterville, Pennsylvania,
16-17 août 2014

Elise franchit le fil d’arrivée de la Eastern States 100 avec son pacer Jeff Nelson
photo : Francesco Riccadonnaa

rťsultats officiel : 47e de 72 finissants sur 150 partants de 200 inscrits en 33h 12min 56 ; 6e femme de 9 finissantes, 2e de son groupe d’âge et première Canadienne !

Elise est félicitée par son pacer Jeff Nelson pour avoir complété la Eastern States 100
photo : Francesco Riccadonnaa

After failing miserably at getting 2 buckles in 3 weeks last spring, all I wanted this weekend was to get 2 buckles in 2 weeks. I suffered so much to get it done! Eastern states is not the hardest 100 I've done, but it was pretty damn challenging! There were no breaks. The course was slow, technical, we had to hike so much, it was endless, right up my alley. I freakin loved it!!!!

And for the second time this year, I can say I am the first Canadian female to ever finish a 100 miles race, he, he, he!!! I got it done it 33:12 and ranked 6th female overall. Only 9 girls finished (I don't know out of how many) and really, any finisher at this race is a champ.

Huge huge thanks to my awesome friend Jeff Nelson who ran the last 40 miles with me. He was just the perfect pacer. He did everything right and did an amazing job at taking me to the finishing line. He even turned the fact that I was crying non stop like a baby from mile 90 to 100 into something positive to make me finish. Jeff, thank you and I will always be grateful.

Running 100 miles with friends is so much better than doing it on its own. Thanks to Steven Parke, John W McAlister, Etavirp Yug for being there. Thanks to Melanie Boultbee who drove me back to my shower at the end (call me lazy, but I really didn't want to walk that additional mile) and took care of my drop off bags when I was totally confused. And thanks to Francesco Riccadonna for filming my finish.

Running 2 x 100 miles in 2 weeks was a real kick in the butt. Respect to Scott Garrett and Monica Scholz.

Deuxième boucle de ceinture de finissant d'une course de 100 milles en deux semaines !

Elise, remerciant son amie Iris Cooper Imhof, sur facebook : « THANK YOU! I will always remember a comment you made at some point. It was something like no matter how tough the course is, no matter how terrible you feel, no matter your time, just finish. And you are absolutely right! 33:12 is not a good time, but I finished and the satisfaction at the end is awesome!»

Crossfit Kitchener, August 20, 2014

Another great accomplishment by Elise!

Hey guys Ė a few people at the box knew I was trying to run 2 x 100 milers in 2 weeks and I actually just made it this weekend, so I just thought it would be nice to send a little update. So here it goes:

Ultra running is my passion and I really wanted to raise the bar this year. Last Spring, I tried to run 2 x 100 milers in 3 weeks. The first one went very well and I was the first Canadian female to ever finish the course, but didnít take care of myself afterwards and failed miserably at running the second 100 miler 3 weeks later (I collapsed at mile 90, a volunteer found me and got disqualified). This summer, I really wanted to do better. I decided I would try again by attempting to run 2 x 100 milers in 2 weeks. I drove to Ohio for the first one shooting for a sub 24 hours finish. I was on track in the first half of the race but had stomach issues in the second half and really had to slow down. Still got it done in 26h27.

I didnít want to make the same mistakes again. I basically had 2 weeks to recover and run another 100 miler, the second one being tougher given it was a mountain race. During those 2 weeks, I was obsessed with my diet (I could hear Lars in my head saying proteins/veggies/nutts & fruits), and was going to bed super early. I tried to hit the box as many times as I could. I was scaling down the weights, but Iím sure going to the box was better recovery than sitting on the couch.

The second 100 miler was the inaugural year, so we didnít really know what to expect. Turned out the course was brutal and the DNF rate was really high. 198 entrants, 72 finishers! Only 9 females made it to the end. It was a tough battle, but I didnít want to fail again, so I pushed. I pushed real hard! I ranked 6th female with a time of 33h12. Iím attaching a picture at the finishing line (you can barely see my eyes, I was exhausted!). For the second time this year, I was the first Canadian female to ever finish a course, yeah!

My thing is running, but I think my story can apply to anything. I tried once and really failed. Well, I didnít care. I got back on my feet and tried again! And this time, I made it! I ran 2 x 100 milers in 2 weeks. Same thing with your pull-ups or your muscle-ups. You canít do it now, but keep working at it, and one day, youíll do it!!!!