Cruel Jewel
North Georgia Mountains, USA
16-17 mai 2014

Started running Cruel Jewel 100, a 108 mile foot race deep with in the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest of the North Georgia Mountains, Friday May 16 at 2pm, finished Saturday at 10:41 pm, 32h 41.
Cold, brutal, 2nd female. More details to come after a well deserved rest.
Still alive but tired :)

After taking a few pain killers for my feet, I was able to sleep a few hours so here are a bit more details on my race.

Cruel jewel is a 108 miles race with an elevation gain of 31,000 ft, loss of 31,000 ft. 2pm start, 48 hrs cutoff, technical single track from start to finish. I slept 11 hours the night before, so getting through the first night wasn't too bad. We had a gorgeous full moon to help us out. But the trails were really technical (lots of rocks and roots) and it was difficult to follow. I was leading up to mile 30 but got passed in the dark by a girl who was really comfortable on those trails (she was local) and was never able to catch her. The 4am-6am stretch was tough (as usual) but got my energy back when the sun came back up.

I knew the weather was about to get nasty. The park forbids runners to be on the trails when it rains (?). At mile 72, all runners got pulled out from the original course and we ran 28 miles on hilly country roads (which is much easier than the original course). It is really unfortunate. This is a badass course and I wanted to do it from start to finish. 100 miles is still a decent distance though.

It rained for 3 hours Saturday afternoon and it was really cold in those mountains. Glad I had many layers but was still shivering every time I was stopping at an aid station. It actually prevent me from napping too much, I was losing all my heat if I stopped moving. So I only napped 20 min once, that's it!

I knew more rain was coming at night so I really wanted to finish before midnight. Which was doable with the new course. With the original course, it would have taken me between 38-40 hrs.

I turned on my headlamp for a second time at mile 94. It was so difficult to do! At that point, I've been running for more than 31 hours. I was really struggling to stay awake and I couldn't feel my feet anymore. Crossed the finishing line at 10 41 pm for a final time of 32h41.

40 entrants, 31 starters (5 females). I ranked 2nd female, 15th overall. When I left, there were still 5 runners out there including another girl. Everyone else either DNF or missed a cutoff.

Only 2 girls finished last year. So it means only 5 girls own that buckle and I'm one of them! First Canadian female to own it. Unfortunately, a dude from Nunavut beat me so I'm not the first Canadian to own it.

See the picture, this buckle is huge!

Dress down Fridays… So it looks like the Cruel Jewel buckle fits the IMTUF belt
Well, there is no way I’m wearing that obnoxious thing at work, it is not Halloween yet !
on facebook, October 3