Sulphur Springs
Ontario, 25 mai 2013

2e au 50 milles (80.46 km) chez les femmes
(première dans sa catégorie d´âge de 30-39 ans)
en 8h 17, et 8e des 97 participants !
Meilleure marque personnelle sur 50 milles auparavant : 9h40 !
photo : Dave Rutherford

25 des 30 femmes qui ont entrepris les 50 milles ont terminé la course
La première a été Dawn Hamel, 57 ans, en 8h 01m.
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photo : Melanie Boultbee

photo : Melanie Boultbee

sur le 27 mai 2013

From Elise

“Hey there! I have good news.

Back in December, I decided to cut the crap in my diet and I now focus on proteins and veggies. I’m very strict during the week and I get some carbs over the weekend to support my long runs. Since then, I lost 9 pounds and I recover very quickly. There was a big race this weekend in the trails of Dundas Conservation Area, I was competing in the 80km. My previous best time on that course was 9h40.

The weather was perfect Saturday and I decided to run hard. I was at 10km/hr for the first half. At 47km, I fell, sprained my ankle and heard “CRACK”. I took 2 minutes off, got back on my feet and kept going. I was a bit slower after. I crossed the finishing line at 8h17 - this is an 83 minutes improvement! I placed 2nd female overall (out of 25) and 8th out of 79 runners. The female winner beat me with 8h01 and she is 57 years old. Wow!

I have big running goals this year. With the result I had this weekend, I’m sticking to that diet!!!”