Pine To Palm
Oregon, 14 et 15 septembre 2013

Here it is!!!

My first belt buckle!

Pine to Palm is a Hardrock qualifier, 100.5 miles with 23,340ft gain and 21,000ft loss with a final cutoff of 34hrs.

I sprinted the last 4 miles with a final time of 27h28 and ranked 5th female out of 22.

There is definitely room for improvement but as my first 100miler, I'm very happy with this result and really enjoyed the experience. I now need to buy a belt and I will wear my buckle with pride.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement, it is greatly appreciated.

5e femme, 37e au général sur 126 partants (79 ont terminé). Tous les résultats

With three previous DNF, I attempted for a fourth time last weekend a 100miler (160km) race. This time was in Oregon with an elevation gain of 23,300ft, an elevation loss of 21,000ft and a final cutoff of 34hrs. With 3 DNF under my belt, I was not confident at all. I decided to be stubborn and tried again. My rule was as long as you are enjoying the trail, keep moving forward.

I got started at 6am on Saturday morning. It got really hot during the day (32C) but it didn’t bother me. I turned on my headlamp at 8pm and was comfortably making all the cutoffs by 2-3hrs. At midnight, I had to run 8miles on a very narrow trail on the side of a very steep ridge. Basically, if I was tripping, I was falling on the side of the ridge in the darkness and no one would find me… so I decided to slow down the pace a little. I was terrified!

At 2am, I got terrified again when I saw 2 eyes staring at me. It took me a few seconds to realize it was only a deer (good thing it wasn’t a bear!). Then at 4am, after being all alone in the dark for 8hrs, I hit the wall at 80miles. I still had 12hrs to cover 20miles, which is more than enough… so I couldn’t quit. But keep moving forward was really hard! Finally, my energy came back when the sun came up at 6:30am and then I was fast again.

When I saw the sign telling me I still had 4 miles to go, I sprinted to the finishing line and finished at 9:28am with a final time of 27h28. Finally, after 3 DNF, I finished! It took me 2.5yrs to get there and many many WODs!!! Persistence was key!

I ranked 5th female overall, out of 22 ladies, and I believe I ranked in the first half with the boys. By finishing that race, I’m now qualified for the 2 most prestigious mountain races in the world (I’m not kidding!!!). My race was not perfect (I think I lost 1hr at the aid stations…), but for a first time, I’m very happy.

One thing I have learned is that it is totally ok to fail, as long as you learn from it and come back stronger.


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