Desert Rats
Colorado-Utah, USA,
16 au 22 juin 2013

Run from Grand Junction, Colorado to the world famous Moab, Utah along the beautiful 148-mile Kokopelli trail, Desert RATS completed in 35h33 compared to 41h47 last year, despite stomach issues and cramps on Day 2 & 3!

On Day 4, I rocked the 52miler mountain stage on tired legs in 13h23, placing 2nd female and 4th of the day!

This is a huge confidence boost for my upcoming mountain races

Seulement 26 des 42 partants ont complété la course. Elise termine 11e, 5e chez les 10 femmes qui ont rallié l´arrivée.

Jour 2

Départ du jour 5

Last year, I barely made my way to the finishing line of Desert RATS, a 237km stage race in the desert of Utah. I ranked second last with a time of 41h47. I decided to return this year to do better… and I did!

Started strong on Day 1, but then had stomach problems on Day 2&3, which completely pushed me down in the overall ranking. Somehow, I got back on my feet on Day 4 where I rocked the 84km mountain stage in 13h23, ranking 4th of the day, 2nd female for that stage!

When it comes to run up and down the mountains, I’m sure my Crossfit muscles give me an edge on the other runners. I finished strong with the last stage, a mountain marathon. My final time was 35h33. I was really happy to improve my time by more than 6hrs, despite being sick for 2 days.

At the award ceremony, I found out I ranked in the top 5 females overall! :)

Crossfit Kitchener, 25 juin 2013