The Chimera 100 mile Mountain Race
San Diego, Californie, 16 et 17 novembre 2013

Chimera is definitely a vicious beast!

100 miles, 23,000 ft of elevation gain around the canyons and peaks of the Saddleback Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. And 13 hrs of darkness.

It was so hard! I struggled all through the night, I wasn't running well at all. At 4am, I completely died and I had all my DNF excuses ready to go. But somehow, I kept going.

I finally woke up at 6am and decided to run hard the last 20 miles. I was flying in the mountains, I loved it! At mile 95, I knew my ranking and wasn't happy with it. When I saw a girl at mile 98, I made sure I would be happy with my final ranking.

It took me 27h39 to beat the beast and despite a very weak night, I managed to rank 5th female overall (on 38 Female finishers) and 27th out of 175 runners finishers.

Great way to finish the season!

en compagnie de Steve Harvey, le directeur de la course

I made it in the top 3 Chimera highlights of Tiffany Guerra! Here what she said:

« The girl who came flying past me at mile 99 on the way to the finish. We were on one of those steep, rocky, ugly little declines on the Main Divide, and I looked over my shoulder to see the girl flying with reckless abandon down the hill like she´s KJ on the Swiss Alps. My first thought was "Oh no you don't," but when I looked back up I realized there was no way in hell I was willing to descend the hill in the same manner. So I yelled "Take the motherf'ing hill!"

As she charged by, I heard her mutter "I don´t care any more. I want my buckle. And I´m SICK of it!" This was her second 100 mile finish; apparently she finished her first 100 miler in much the same manner. »

Another comment related to that post was "Ha ha. the girl passed me too and I wanted to push her off the mountain. Nobody should have that much energy at the end of a race."

I love it!