9th Annual Baker Trail Ultra Challenge
Pennsylvanie, 24 août 2013

Given I was pretty sick lately, I decided not to run hard the 50miler Baker Challenge* in PA.

So I turned on the music and spent all day dancing on the trail singing out loud!

The day was beautiful, it was so much fun. Running just for the fun of it without competing.

At Mile 25, I was 35th out 88. Then... everyone died because of the heat. Without effort, I made my way up to the 15th position and ranked 2nd female overall!

The best was at 79.2km. A man told me: "With that speed and energy, I'm assuming you are a relay runner, right?" I lied and said yes. He let me go! I waited for him at the finishing line and said: "Sorry dude, I lied. I wanted to chick you".

I think my retirement is over, I just LOVE to chick guys!

* = The Baker Trail UltraChallenge is a 50-mile ultramarathon on the Baker Trail. The "challenge" is for you or your relay team to win, or at least finish within 14 hours or less.