The North Face Canadian Death Race
4 août 2012

The Canadian Death Race, often called the toughest ultra-marathon in Canada, is a 125km footrace in the Rockies with three summits to climb with a 17,000 feet elevation gain. On the long weekend of August, ultra runners from all over the world travel to Grand Cache Alberta hoping to cross the finishing line.

At the pre-race meeting, we were told the success rate is around 25%. Given my personal record in terms of distance is 100km, I knew the odds were against me and I was competing with elite ultra-runners. I was not confident at all but still decided to show up at 8am Saturday morning for the start and do my best. Most of the runners get disqualified at the 67km cutoff (7pm). I was so obsessed by this cut-off point, I started running like crazy. Speeding at the beginning of an ultra is always risky, I knew I would probably die later on in the race. When I reached the 67km milestone at 5:50pm, I knew I had a good shot at finishing.

The second half of the race was a lot of fun with the cramps, dehydration and the blisters, but more than once, I had a second win and was moving well. I was able to speed from 90 to 100km and was able to pass a lot of runners. For the last 25km, the trail was really slow and technical, but I knew I was getting close to the end. I finally made it back to Grand Cache at 5:34am crossing the finishing line with a big smile! My official time is 21h30. I found out later that this year's success rate was 36%. Out of the 81 female runners, 32 crossed the finish line and I ranked 13th. I'm very happy with this result.

So, I was really not confident for this, I gave it a shot and did quite well. All weekend long, I was very proud to wear my CFK gear that says "Those who attempt the absurd achieve the impossible". The next step for me is to race the ultimate ultra running distance, 160km (100miles). So much fun is coming up next :) "