CrossFit Kitchener, 1 year later
CrossFit Kitchener
1 year later

Exactly one year ago, I walked into CrossFit Kitchener for the first time. Back then, I was running 10km a day without improving my time for the past 5 years and was eating pastas every single meal. I was thin and flexible, but I had no strength at all. That day was a week after the race Around The Bay (30km) and I could honestly not walk for an entire week after the race. When I walked into CFK, I had one goal in mind and it was to run my first 50km in the following 7 months.

I met Art and Pauly for the first time and I got started the following day with Art for a first personal training session. I did my first Tabata WOD by putting my knees down for the push-ups and jumping on a box for the pulls-ups. Shortly after, I did my first Filthy Fifties and I just could not get through the burpees. Doing 50 was way too much, I had to break them down by 5. I was also struggling to do pretty much all the lifts at… 35 pounds, really. I could tell I wasn’t very good at this, but I really liked the atmosphere and the people. It was much different than running alone with the i-pod on.

So I kept going back, again and again and even more. I noticed that I was recovering very quickly from my long runs and achieved the 50km goal within 5 weeks… and made it all the way to 100km within 3 months (thanks to Pauly who paced me for the last 20km)!

Exactly one year later, none of my working suits fit me anymore as my shoulders are now too wide. I can manage all the lifts at 65-75pounds, I have my push-ups, can do a lot of burpees unbroken, can do legs WODs with an extra 27 pounds on and the best of all… I Rx this week Helen with all those pulls-ups. I also pay more attention to my diet and I’m now craving for red meet, veggies and proteins.

Since I’ve been running, the doctors were always finding in my blood tests that I was missing important nutriments. Now, for the first time in 6 years, all my blood tests are good ! Finally, I took 3 months off from running during the winter and the only training I was doing was CrossFit. I was a little anxious to see if I could run again after such a long break. The day I started running again, I did 30km, Day 7 I did 50km and Day 14 I did 60km. I still can’t believe it !

My first year at CFK was awesome, I’m sure the second one will be even better. And every time I don’t feel like doing a WOD, I’m always thinking “Come on…. People are so cool, just go and it will be good fun!”.

Special thanks to all the trainers !