Course de 50 km
en 5h14
le 28 mai 2011

En compagnie de la fille qui se qualifie pour Boston. Je l´ai battue de 28 minutes !

My 50k trail race was this morning. I was hoping to run it under 6 hours and I was expecting to get tired at 30k. I thought that if I can run 30k under 3hrs, I had a chance to run the 50k under 6hrs.

I ran the 30k in 2:59:55 (seriously!). I got tired at 42k, which I guess is normal given it is the distance for a full marathon. The most difficult part of the loop is the last 8k, so it was a little painful. I crossed the finishing line at 5h14!

The longest I ever ran in the trails was 30k, so for a first time, I ´m very happy with my time! I actually beat a girl who qualifies for Boston. Let ´s see how I ranked in my category and overall.

I was debating to take or not take a shower when I got back home. I didn't think it was necessary. I'm attaching pictures.

Elise :)

J´ai terminé TROISIÈME chez les femmes, tous âges confondus !

J´ai gagné une plaque ! Mais je suis partie avant la remise des prix car je n´ai jamais pensé que je pouvais gagner quelque chose !

The day after running 50k is wonderful ! I need to eat every 4 hours. I had carrot cake, lots of chocolate, wine, cheese and I'm keeping the ice cream for my bedtime snack :)

p.s. Ah bein ! Je viens d´apprendre que je vais recevoir une plaque pour souligner ma performance ET un certificat cadeau d´article de sport de $50 !

Je suis riche :)